FAI F3U World Cup Latvia Drone Racing 2018
Battery voltage cannot exceed 17.00V (4s)
Propeller diameter cannot exceed 6 inches
Vtx can only be used with circular polarized antennas
Only 2.4Ghz (max 100mw/LBT) and 868Mhz (max 25mw) radio control systems can be used
Only 5.8Ghz (max 25mw) TBS Unify (all variants), ImmersionRC Tramp, FuriousFPV Stealth video transmitters can be used
At least 12 RGB LED elements with the option to change color
All drones must carry National ID number and FAI licence number
All participants must hold a valid FAI licence or Drone Permission during event


From August 10th - 12th 2018 Drone Racing Latvia will host the first official FAI F3U World Cup event in Latvia at Priekulu lidlauks. We hope to see a wide variety of pilots from different countries and with different skill levels competing for FAI F3U World Cup points.

This is an outdoor event.

In case you would like to contact us with a matter regarding FAI F3U World Cup Latvia Drone Racing 2018:

  • General info: info[at]f3u.lv
  • Race Director: race.director[at]f3u.lv
  • Drone Racing Latvia
    • Facebook
    • Email: info[at]droneracinglatvia.com

Participation fee

Event participation fee registering before 28.07.2018 (including) - 30€ (EUR) for Seniors and 15€ (EUR) for Juniors, after 28.07.2018 - 40€ (EUR) for Seniors and 20€ (EUR) for Juniors paid in cash at the event venue during attendance registration/drone technical inspection.

Drone Racing Latvia

Drone Racing Latvia (DRLV) is an organization that brings together FPV racing drone pilots to develop this new sport in Latvia. Member of Latvian National Airsport Control and Latvian Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems